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Branded clothing

7 Advantages of Branded Clothing For Your Business

Companies are always looking for new advertising methods to increase the reach of their brand. Buying branded clothing for employees, loyal customers and business partners is not only a good way of engaging workers and consumers, but it’s also an effective marketing strategy. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of branded clothing and why it is a smart investment for your business.

1. It builds your brand identity

In competitive industries, it’s important that businesses find a way to stand out against the crowd. Branded clothing is a great way of helping you build a positive brand image. When consumers engage with a business and receive a good quality of service, they will associate this positive experience with the branding around them. For employees who are customer-facing or regularly travel to meetings or conferences, wearing company branded clothing is essential for building a unique identity that will be associated with your high-quality products and good customer service. Without investing in company branded clothing, you could fail to capitalise on the positives of providing a great service.

2. Increases the reach of your brand

Providing branded clothing such as t-shirts, sportswear, and jackets helps increase the reach of your brand. One of the advantages of branded clothing is it acts as an advertising poster, yet the wearer is walking and meeting crowds of people. According to a promotional marketing survey done by the Advertising Speciality Institution (ASI), branded clothing garners businesses up to 6,000 impressions per piece on average. Ordering 100 branded t-shirts, sportswear and jackets for employees and customers could push your branding in front of 600,000 potential clients, without a big cost.


3. Looks professional and conveys a good image

We have mentioned that branded clothing is what customers will remember after a positive experience with your business, but it also helps make a good first impression. Employees will wear what the company wants them to at work, but uniforms are often considered too formal – branded clothing looks professional, conveys a good image and can be as casual as a t-shirt or shirt. It shows customers that your workforce is a united front who care about their appearance, sending a strong message that your brand can be trusted. Branded clothing also promotes teamwork amongst internal teams – a workforce that dresses like a team and acts as a team is going to be considered more professional by customers. This also applies to employees working from home – the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that virtual meetings are now a common occurrence. Wearing company branded shirts and t-shirts contributes to the success of a company whose work is now often done at home.

4. Turns your employees into brand ambassadors

We have discussed the value of providing your employees with branded clothing from a professional standpoint, but there is also huge marketing value. People in uniform can carry your company name far and draw the attention of potential customers in your target market. The more brand ambassadors you have, the further your message will travel. Think of Steve Jobs’ iconic black turtleneck; he supercharged the shirt’s designer Issey Miyake’s brand by simply wearing it to announcements, presentations, and events. Branded clothing also fulfils an essential everyday function, meaning your employees, clients and business partners will wear your shirts, t-shirts, and jackets to keep themselves warm and decent. As they do this, they will promote your brand just as Steve Jobs did, but on a smaller scale.

5. It can differentiate the chain of command

In many corporate settings, subordinate employees wear uniforms while management wears business attire of their choice. Communicating a difference of rank can lead to employees feeling less valued, which in turn, can have a negative impact on motivation and productivity. An advantage of branded clothing is everyone can participate, and thanks to Adler’s extensive range, people can choose their own style and colour while still representing the professional identity of the business. You can also use these options to subtly differentiate rank. Your customers will be able to tell the difference and your workforce will feel more connected to management.  

6. Possesses great shelf life

When you invest in promotional clothing products, you know you’re getting a good return. Branded clothing has a great shelf life and can be used to promote your brand for at least 18 months – when employees leave, they’re also likely to give their item to someone new, extending the promotional value of your investment. Adler works with reputable brands to ensure our branded clothing is of the highest quality – ensuring they make the perfect business gift and a lasting marketing asset.  

7. Promotional giveaways

Branded clothing is a clever way of using promotional giveaways to convert customers from competitors and attract new clients. The better the quality of your promotional clothing, the more customers and clients will be willing to use your brand. Branded clothing informs members of your target market about the value of your products and services. Promotional giveaways can also be used to encourage customers to participate in social media competitions which involve sharing and following your brand, helping you grow your online audience. A well-designed hoodie or smart jacket will position your business in customer’s minds before you even offer them anything. The added benefit of using branded clothing for promotional giveaways is the winner will then market your brand when they wear your products – pushing your logo and messaging in front of more prospective customers and spreading the word about your generous giveaways. Investing in branded clothing and offering promotional items is a simple, effective way of marketing your brand and standing out in a competitive industry. The more customers, clients and business partners that wear your shirts and or use your water bottles or stationery, the more reach your brand will have. Visit Adler’s website for high-quality promotional business gifts and start taking advantage of all the marketing benefits today.  


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