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9 Stationery Items Every Office Needs

As an employer, it’s important that your office has the equipment your staff need to do their jobs to the best of their ability. This includes furniture, technology and stationery. It’s important that employees have access to stationery items whenever they’re needed, which is why we’ve put together a list of stationery supplies you should buy for the office. In this article, we have considered all the stationery equipment used for everyday business needs, so you don’t have to.

1. Pens

It’s essential your employees always have a pen to hand. It’s one of the most commonly used stationery items in the office, and can be used in conferences, business meetings and presentations. The pens you choose can also say a lot about your business. If you have a strong brand, a promotional pen can add a professional look around the office and help your employees get your logo and branding in front of customers and clients.

2. Notepads

A branded notepad is a useful stationery item that can help your employees in the office and when they are required to work remotely. They are a go-to gift and combine portability with usability, allowing your staff to take notes on the go. Personalised notebooks are also an easy way to promote your brand. A simple design with your logo and branding helps get your message in front of prospective customers while your employees are at work.

3. Notebooks

Branded notebooks are an essential on our stationery list. They provide more space than notepads, where employees can channel their creativity, brainstorm and take notes throughout the working day. They’re a practical way of storing information that are easy to carry and do not require a lot of space. Personalise your custom printed notebooks with your branding and leave a professional, lasting impression on prospective customers and clients.

4. Portfolios

Printed portfolios are a professional way of showcasing the work your business produces. Providing your employees with portfolios gives them an organised, sophisticated place to store their work. This is a business gift they will appreciate and provides your company with free advertising. Whether it’s clients, customers or friends, when your employees show people what they’re working on, a personalised portfolio is an easy way to get your company’s branding in front of a new audience.

5. Sticky Notes

Personalised post-it notes are a stationery item on our list that every office should have. They’re practical supplies perfect for jotting down notes, brainstorming or being used for reminders. They can be used in a variety of different situations and are an integral part of office life. Investing in branded sticky notes provides your employees with useful stationery supplies and can be used as a free method of advertising.

6. Honnings Note & Flag Set

A unique stationery item that provides employees with everything they need to stay organised and store important information, the Honnings Note & Flag Set includes a regular notepad that can be personalised with large, full colour imprint, two pads of sticky notes, a sticky marker and a matching ballpoint pen. This is a business gift that offers the practical function of a number of different stationery supplies, in one portable folder. It’s a stationery item your employees will take with them wherever they go, so personalise it with your branding, adding a professional look and getting your logo and message in front of prospective customers and clients.

7. Notepad Refills

If your employees regularly use notepads to store information, take notes and be creative, notepad refills are a useful way businesses can save money and reduce waste. Replacing branded notepads every time they run out of space has significant costs, so a cheaper option is to buy refillable pages and packs, which make a handy business gift on their own or as an add-on.

8. Markers

In a modern office that often hosts important business meetings, presentations and conferences, a good supply of markers is essential. A whiteboard is a staple feature of any meeting room, and you need markers that will last to support your employees who are leading meetings using the whiteboard. Markers are another stationery item on our list that can be personalised for your business. Add your branding and get your logo in front of visitors to your office.

9. Staplers and Paper Clips

Staplers and paper clips are a useful way of keeping important documents sectioned and organised. They’re stationery items that are useful to have on hand; not having them when you need them can be frustrating. Large staplers can also be used to pin flyers and reminders around the office. Staplers and paper clips offer a variety of practical uses around the office and don’t come at a huge cost. This article includes a list of all the essential stationery items you will need for your office. Use our list to keep your employees productive, and the office stocked with everything they need to do the best possible job for your company. You can find other business items and gifts on our website.


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