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Attract new customers with clever giveaways

There are lots of different ways of acquiring customers. Promotional giveaways with printed logos are an important tool. If you give these away and thus offer potential customers real added value, they will be much more willing to buy your products or your services. Here are some clever advertising ideas to attract new customers and crank up turnover.

5 advertising giveaways which are perfect for new customers

The perfect giveaways for new customers are gifts they can use every day at work or at home. General products and products which support your product range but are also ideal for your target market are also a good option. For example, if you work in a trade, then tools like torches or measuring instruments are a good idea to generate interest among customers.

But the item does not always need to be a perfect fit with your products and services. You can also opt for items your potential customers can use all the time. Products like this automatically attract interest and focus attention on your company. This means people are much more willing to find out more about what you have to offer.

Here are 5 advertising ideas which are guaranteed to attract new customers:

  • Mobile phone accessories: everything from smartphone cases to touch-screen gloves to Bluetooth speakers.
  • Bags and backpacks: it doesn’t matter whether it’s a cool bag or a gym bag, a make-up bag or a laptop bag, as bags are always useful.
  • Notebooks and folders: people are increasingly taking notes, especially in office environments, so stationery always makes a good giveaway.
  • Cups and mugs: whether it’s an insulated mug, a sports bottle or a glass, drink containers are always a good, popular choice.
  • Clocks and weather stations: on the desk or in the kitchen: Clocks and weather stations are used frequently and offer potential customers real added value.

When to offer giveaways for new customers

You can give a gift to new and potential customers as soon as they buy something in your shop or book a service. This additional present can also be an incentive for customers to buy something and it can attract potential customers as well. So it is also a good idea to plan promotions where you give away the printed promotional items.

If the products are suitable and a good fit with your company, or are helpful to your customers on an everyday basis, you can link them to making a purchase. For example, you can give the gift upon purchase of certain products or services.

The promotional gifts could also be offered as prizes. If your new customer has the option of picking something from a wider range, it can be even more interesting for them. On the one hand, this gives you a good idea of which giveaways work best and on the other hand, you can be sure your new customer will be pleased with what they have.

Giveaways are a good incentive for attracting new customers

Traditional advertising giveaways spark the interest of new customers who become aware of your company and, in the best case scenario, will tell their friends and acquaintances about your promotion. This can help you win customers who will then come back to buy your products and services again. The important thing is not to neglect existing customers and to reward them for their loyalty with little giveaways.

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