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Clever advertising ideas for tradesmen

The trades industry is perfect for the effective use of promotional items. After all, nearly every trade uses various aids and tools that are essential to the majority of jobs. Think of a simple tape measure, torch or utility knife, for example. It is these very kinds of essential tools that can frequently be fitted with a suitable promotional print for a fresh advertising effect with each use.

Promotional items for the professional construction trade

Do you work in the construction trade and would like to order thematically relevant promotional items? It couldn’t be easier: in the ADLER online shop you will find hundreds of promotional items, most of which are perfect for the skilled trades and construction industry.

Metal tape measures: A tape measure is an essential tool on every construction site. This handy tool is especially suitable for measuring uneven surfaces and objects. Here, in addition to normal tape measures, we also offer XXL tape measures with a length of up to 5 metres, making it easy to measure even larger distances with millimetre accuracy. We can custom-print these robust measuring tools with a logo or advertising slogan that will perfectly present your company on every construction site.

Spirit levels: On most construction jobs, a spirit level is used just as frequently as the above-mentioned tape measures. After all, spirit levels are an essential tool for precision-aligning objects, which also makes them great for advertising – the user always has to pay very close attention when deploying this tool, automatically making printed spirit levels the object of attentive gazes.

Screwdrivers: A tradesman without a screwdriver? Unimaginable. We also quickly came to this insight and simultaneously identified the advertising potential of these handy tools. This is why we offer our customers a whole range of high-quality screwdrivers, which we can customise with your desired advertising message. Our range extends from functional illuminated screwdrivers through to ratchet screwdrivers for convenient tightening and loosening.

Promotional items for DIY enthusiasts and hobby crafters

Promotional items for the construction sector can be interesting even outside of the professional realm. DIY enthusiasts and hobby crafters also always have projects on the go. Depending on the age group, we also offer the perfect items with which you can appeal to potential consumers and bring a smile to the faces of employees and customers. Here too, we have just the right product for every need.

Multi-tools: Multi-tools have long since become strong competitors to the traditional pocket knife. And the handy multi-tools feature far more functions while still fitting into every pocket. DIY enthusiasts in particular appreciate a good multi-tool, as these can be used for a whole variety of projects. And if the tool also happens to feature an appropriate advertising slogan, then its versatility is automatically and positively associated with the respective logo.

Tool case: A well-stocked tool case is essential for any good hobby workshop. These practical sets are the constant companion of the master craftsman during projects around the house and garden. However, it’s common knowledge that every arsenal of tools shrinks over time, so the pleasure felt when receiving a new, high-quality tool case will be all the greater. Finished with your logo, the tool case will make the recipient happy for a long time to come while also ensuring a permanent advertising effect.

After-work hammer: Are you not only looking for a practical advertising idea for the trades sector, but also want to show a little humour in your promotional campaign? Then the ADLER after-work hammer is the ideal promotional gift. After all, this is a truly special 2-in-1 tool: on the one side it features a hammer, on the other a bottle opener – this means that the hammer can be used both for work and for post-work pleasure. Due to its extravagant appearance, it will also be given pride of place in every household.

Photo: © Shutterstock.com/mavo


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