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Effective Advertising Strategy For Start-Ups – This Way They’ll Remember You

After founding a start-up, the first job on the list is optimising certain areas of the business. This means awareness-raising campaigns, marketing for targeted customer acquisition, creating and improving a corporate image and achieving customer loyalty. The right promotional items can help get your fledgling business up and running and ensure that it rapidly becomes viable and starts turning a profit.


So, you’re motivated and have a great team around you that supports you and your business? You’ve got a few orders under your belt and want to run a professional start-up marketing campaign? Your first thought was probably social media marketing or website optimisation and that’s not a bad place to start, but there are other options to help you effectively advertise in a different way. Classic promotional items that the customer can take away with them have a special kind of charm. They’re seen as a gift and this psychological effect is very hard to achieve with virtual voucher codes and the like. Promotional products have a positive effect on the way your existing and potential target groups think and act. Using them shows your customers you care, as well as putting a smile on their faces and making sure they remember you. Carefully selected promotional items for start-ups can give you a constant presence with your customers and improve long-term brand recognition.


Of course, there is no such thing as THE perfect promotional product that is guaranteed to be a success. There are various factors to take into account when selecting the right promotional item for your start-up: your sector, your target audience and where you plan to hand out the items. There are of course some classic promotional products if you want to play it safe: Penscalendarsmugs etc. are all really useful gifts which won’t go wasted and are also ideal for a smaller budget. Make sure your promotional items are unusual and that their recipient can connect with them on an emotional level. This is the only way to achieve your aim of making sure your customer remembers you fondly. It is especially important to stand out from the crowd and get yourself noticed when you are right at the start of your journey and you need a certain level of brand recognition. The perfect way to do just that is with original, funny and wacky business gifts that are both useful and high quality, and which bear a clear advertising message.


Marketing using promotional items is generally only partially tax-deductible. The state can also apply further taxation to promotional items depending on the value of the items, the reason for distributing them and the recipients. However, as a founder of a new business this is not something you need to worry about straight away. High advertising costs are not unusual in the early stages of a business and are normally immediately recognised by the tax office.


Here are three hand-picked promotional products for your start-up marketing campaign:
  • Pens: they’re a classic among start-up promotional items for a reason. Despite increasing digitalisation, pens are still very much a part of everyday life and they have a huge advertising potential because they’re so frequently used. Paired with an engraved advertising message or your company logo, a high-quality pen is sure to serve its recipient well.
  • Electronic items: USB stickspowerbanksmobile phone accessoriesBluetooth speakers or headphones are all much-loved promotional gifts among younger target groups and are also perfectly suited to new businesses. They’re the ideal promotional item for a business opening event, and can be personalised for you to really make your brand or advertising message stand out.
  • Mugscups and drinks bottles: High-quality mugs, etc. are a much sought-after business gift, which people will hold on to for a long time. Once printed with your logo, the user will always associate your business with a cosy, warm feeling, making them the perfect business gift for your start-up marketing campaign.


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