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promotional mug end of the year

End of the year Gift ideas – to thank your employees and clients

Thank you gifts can be a great way of showing employees you recognise their hard work; this can be for a particular project or just to show appreciation for their dedication throughout the year. Feeling recognised and valued is important for employee productivity and motivation, so businesses should see thank you gifts as a small investment that helps keep their workforce happy and enthusiastic. While the value of thank you gifts for employees is unquestionable, choosing the right end of the year gift can sometimes be tricky. We have put together an impressive list of promotional and gratitude gift ideas for employees and clients to help provide some inspiration.

Sportswear gifts

For many of us, sports and fitness are at the forefront of our New Year’s resolutions. Sportswear can be a great way to reward employees for their hard work, and gift them something they are going to get a lot of use out of. Customised sportswear can also be great for employees attending company charity and sports events.  

Customised Mug

Having your own mug is a must in the office. It means you can enjoy your tea, coffee or any other hot beverage without having to borrow one from the company. At Adler, our personalised mugs and drinkware come with a range of customisation options. You can have employees’ names printed on the mug along with your branding and logo. This makes the perfect thank you gift for employees for the end of the year, because it is personal to them but can also be used to promote your brand.  

Personalised Water Bottle

A water bottle also makes a great promotional gift idea. Employees will get a lot of use out of a water bottle, whether it’s in the office, playing sports or going hiking. Adler water bottles can be customised with employees’ names, images or your branding to help promote your business.  

Calendar with your logo

A calendar makes a practical thank you gift for employees at the end of the year. It can help them stay organised going into the new year, jotting down reminders for both work and their personal lives. You can add a little something to this gift with Adler’s range of customisation options. Add your branding, funny images, or something for your employees for a personal touch.  

Speaker & high-tech promotional products

  We spend a lot of time indoors at the end of the calendar year, and a high-quality Bluetooth speaker can be great for blasting Christmas songs or for playing music for guests. It makes a perfect thank you gift for employees and is a product they will use all year round. Customisable speakers have the added benefit of helping your branding reach a new audience.   end of the year gift for employees

Gift Hampers for employees

A gift hamper is a safe thank you gift for employees, partners and clients: it will bring a smile to their face. It doesn’t matter if it includes chocolates, biscuits, wine, cheeses or anything else, who doesn’t love good food? Especially if it’s an end of the year gift and Christmas is around the corner. A thoughtful gift like a hamper will help employees realise how valued they are. it will also give them more motivation to work hard going into the next year.  

An Extra Holiday Day

A great way to show employees you value the work they have been doing throughout the year is to reward them with an extra holiday day. This gives employees a day to do whatever they choose, whether it’s spending more time on holiday or enjoying a long weekend away. Time off can help employees return refreshed and increase both productivity and motivation in the office, especially when they know they could be working towards another extra holiday day.   That completes our list of promotional gift ideas for employees and clients. Rewarding hard work is a benefit for employees but it can also help your business, as it will increase productivity. If you didn’t find what you’re looking for here, you can find a whole range of promotional gifts on our website.


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