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Energy saving business gifts

Energy-Saving Business Gifts: Save Resources, Protect The Environment, Reduce Costs

In recent years, energy costs have been constantly on the rise: it’s a topic that affects us all and one which requires action. So-called fossil fuels, such as gas, coal and oil, are a finite resource. This in itself offers a solution – use renewable alternatives to stop our reliance on fossil fuels. A first step is to ask ourselves the question: what can I do at home to save valuable resources? The next step is to ask: how can I help others to save energy at home and at work?

What can you do in your own 4 walls?

Great things famously come from small beginnings. That’s why we need to start at home with small changes that help us save energy. Some of the following tips may initially feel like a big adjustment, but usually become habit after just a few days. And after a few months, energy savings will also be reflected in household bills, because saving energy isn’t just good for the environment, it’s also good for our wallets.

Energy saving electronic devices

Before buying any new electronic device, it is important to take a look at its energy efficiency class. A+++ is the most efficient class, followed by A++, A+, A, B, C and finally D for the most energy-consuming products. It’s best to stick to the top two energy classes, A+++ and A++. It’s also a good idea to use eco-programmes where available.

Use your heating wisely

We’re all familiar with the sound a radiator makes when it’s gurgling and bubbling. That’s a sure sign that it needs bleeding. If you regularly let the air out, which only takes a few minutes, you could drop your energy consumption by as much as 15%. In addition to bleeding the radiators, airing your rooms is also important. Energy-saving experts recommend fully opening the window for around 5 minutes and then closing it completely. Leaving a window ajar for a long period of time actually lets a lot more warmth out and brings less fresh air in.

Laptop instead of PC

A laptop uses less electricity than a PC with a similar set-up, meaning it’s definitely worth making the switch. Many devices also offer an energy-saving mode, which should always be used.

Pull the plug rather than using standby

Treat your electronic devices to some downtime by pulling out the plug or using a multi-plug with an integrated off-switch instead of leaving them in standby. In standby mode, your devices use electricity unnecessarily and, in some cases, use more electricity than when they’re actually running. So, pull the plug and save up to 100 euro per year.

Light’s off!

On to another energy guzzler: lighting. Over the course of a year, a household uses approx. 330 KWh of energy for more light. So, it’s definitely worth always switching the light off when you leave a room and only lighting areas that you are currently in. It is also a good idea to consider using movement sensors in areas that you just pass through briefly, such as entry halls. For rooms where the light is often on for a long period of time, it’s best to switch conventional bulbs to LED bulbs. See below for how much less energy LEDs consume: Energy-Saving Bulb

What can you do as a business owner?

As a business owner, you too have an important role to play. You can start by simply forwarding the practical tips above to your customers, staff and business partners. This shows that you are already tackling this important issue and that you’re taking your role seriously. However, you can take a step further by also sending a much stronger message. Specifically: “Our company is also represented by energy-efficient giveaways. We send out business gifts that take action for our environment by saving resources.” Suitable gift ideas are:
  • LED products: We’ve all been there – standing in the dark in front of a locked door struggling to see the lock in the gloom or unable to see it at all. So, it’s handy for such situations when you’ve got a compact LED torch on your key ring to prevent scratching the lock. Our range includes LED key rings in classic colours or unusual designs such as the 3-LED torches in shimmering colours. The USB-LED light made of durable silicone makes a great LED desk lamp. Regardless of whether you’re at home or on the move, LED-lit business gifts will add an energy-efficient shine to your advertising message.
  •  Solar-powered items: Business gifts that store energy using solar panels save precious resources by harnessing the sun’s energy. Here too, there are so many ways to make your advertising energy-saving. Our Solar Wobbling Hula Figurine makes a particularly original business gift. Once the figurine is charged with solar energy, she starts to dance and creates a real holiday atmosphere.
  •  Accessories for the home: We’ve also got the perfect gift ideas to help you make your customers and staff warm and cosy at home on cold days and to save energy. A snuggly fleece blanket will help them to turn the heating down. Our scented candles create the right mood and are best paired with a lovely warm cup of tea in the Ronni ceramic mug, which can be beautifully printed with your logo. These accessories can help you gift cosy moments whilst also ensuring that your advertising message is always there where they’re comfy.

Good for the environment and good for business – it’s that easy!

Summary: You see, often doing something good for the environment doesn’t take a lot of effort and it also doesn’t do your company reputation any harm either! Your customers, staff and business partners are bound to be delighted with a small, well thought-out gift. As a business owner, this helps you to not only show your appreciation, but also to take responsible action for our planet. You will find a range of energy-saving business gifts here in our online shop. Our catalogue, Sustainable & environmentally-friendly business gifts & giveaways, is also worth checking out for more ideas. Happy browsing!    


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