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Guide to local marketing

Every company knows by now, how important online marketing is for their business. What is often forgotten, however, is how important local marketing also is for many sectors. If your website is professionally designed, your company will rank highly on Google. And if your number of followers on social media keeps growing, you’re obviously well on the way to gaining a strong position in the virtual world. But beware: there is still a world outside the World Wide Web. Even today, many people still use traditional channels when looking for a product, service or information: advertising pillars, the telephone book, local media, business cards, etc. With a healthy mix of on- and offline marketing, you can reach a much broader audience, and often with a far more powerful emotional message at the same time.

How to raise your company’s profile locally

When it comes to local marketing, you have plenty of options. The first step should always be creating a marketing plan in which you outline your target group, the customer retention measures you have already tried, the goals you are seeking to achieve and, of course, your budget. Then it’s time to start drawing up a list of ideas. Here are a few examples of local marketing options:

  • Outdoor advertising: Find out what kinds of platforms or companies hire local advertising spaces in strategically appropriate places. Illuminated outdoor advertising or traditional posters on advertising columns continue to be popular methods. Car advertising is just as effective. Have your car foil-coated and use your set of wheels as a mobile billboard.
  • Print advertising: Does your area have a free newspaper that is distributed free of charge to all households? Placing ads in these can really pay off. Organise an event and have it included in the local event calendar. An entry in directories such as the Yellow Pages is a no-brainer.
  • Promotional events and trade fairs: These are a great way of raising your profile among your target group locally. Book a stand at a weekend fair in the city centre or at a relevant trade fair held in your area. Present yourself and your company, attract customers to your stand with competitions and prizes, and distribute flyers, catalogues and attractive promotional gifts for local marketing.

Some advertising ideas for local marketing at trade fairs:

Become a sponsor and make targeted use of promotional gifts for local marketing

Is the local football club or the community centre around the corner looking for a sponsor? Take advantage of that opportunity! Donate new football shirts or another desperately needed item. The recipients will be grateful and they will be happy to recommend you and your company. Make targeted use of promotional gifts for local marketing during this period. However, there are a few things to bear in mind when selecting your promotional gifts. The perfect advertising material must be of a high quality, it must provide the recipient with real value so that ideally, it will be used often. At ADLER Promotional Gifts, we are happy to help you come up with ideas. Not only can we suggest appropriate items, we can also personalise these according to your wishes. In just a few days, you can be in possession of high-quality and effective advertising items!

Local marketing can be this simple!

Whether you have only recently opened for business, have taken over an existing company, are celebrating an anniversary or simply want to expand your customer base, local marketing does not cost the world – but it generates a lot of attention. Show your potential customers what it is you do so well and think ahead: support the local kindergarten’s summer faire – it could have a very positive effect on your children’s clothing sales.

Raising your profile locally is really not as difficult as you think. Walk around your area with your eyes and ears open and take part in local life. Everywhere you go there are opportunities to distribute your promotional gifts for local marketing.

Photo: © Fotolia.com/jcfotografo


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