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The 5 best giveaways for your grand opening event

At your grand opening you are starting from scratch and want to get as many people as possible excited about your products and services. It makes sense to give away advertising gifts at the business opening for a lasting effect. Promotional items printed with your company logo and slogan effectively spread your message and crank up sales.

The 5 giveaways you should use for your grand opening

If you want to get as many people as possible excited, the best option is to use items which can be used every day. It doesn’t matter whether it’s at home or at work, the main thing is that your giveaways are in constant use. This helps you stay in the mind of your potential customers. Then, as soon as they want to look for a product or book a service, they will automatically connect your company with the solution and will seek your business out.

There is also the option of using advertising giveaways which are directly linked to your company. So, if you are a mobile phone shop, you could give away accessories for smartphones and tablets, for example. The important thing is that you spark the interest of as many visitors as possible when they come to your event.

Here are our advertising ideas for business openings:

1. Desk accessories

Pen holders, desk sets, piggy banks and note holders are ideal advertising gifts for opening events. You can also use weather stations and clocks or have desk calendars printed with your logo.

2. Pens and tools with lights

LED gifts go down very well and can be used every day. You could give away, for example, pens with lights or tools with built-in LEDs or even keyrings with torches.

3. Kitchen gadgets and cooking accessories

Items for the kitchen are needed in virtually all households, so egg whisks, chopping boards and oven gloves make popular advertising gifts for your opening event.

4. Bags, rucksacks and umbrellas with printed logos

Carrier bags, gym bags or cool bags: a wide range of different bags can be printed with your logo. If these are used around town your business will get noticed. The same applies to umbrellas, rucksacks and sunglasses.

5. USB sticks, chargers and electronic accessories with your advertising

Most people use various mobile devices, which is why power banks and chargers are popular advertising gifts. USB sticks and other accessories for electronic devices are also perfect giveaways for an opening event.

A grand opening with advertising giveaways – a perfect start for your new business

Advertising items of all kinds bring you a little closer to your potential customers by showing your appreciation and how pleased you are about their visit, purchase or booking. Advertising giveaways with added value are also used on an everyday basis and support your customers in various ways.

This means that your customers can stay in contact with your new business and so can other people who know your potential customers. This allows you to publicise your company name, which reinforces your brand and helps increase sales. So it is important that you think about who you want to appeal to and find out what your customers could want from the grand opening.

Advertising giveaways are the key to a successful new business It is impossible to imagine some events, such as business openings, without giveaways. They help you win customers and spread your advertising message. Select the perfect gifts and make sure you give existing customers gifts as well, as this will increase customer satisfaction and they will continue to buy your products and services in the future.

Foto: © Shutterstock.com/wavebreakmedia


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