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The Power of Promotional Gifts

We’re all familiar with it: political parties distributing sweets and ballpoint pens featuring their logo outside supermarkets, business partners giving out branded notepads in the office, and festival visitors being handed personalised memorabilia. If you want to stay in people’s minds, promotional gifts are the answer. There are opportunities and occasions to use them all year round, not just at Christmas time.

Personalised ballpoint pens are among the most popular gifts. “The ballpoint pen is the hand-me-round item of promotional gifts – in some cases they change owners every week because people lend them to others and they are usually not returned,” explains Martin Spang, Managing Director of ADLER Business Gifts. The international company can boast 65 years of experience in the advertising media market.

Martin Spang: “In addition to the classics, there is a very clear trend at the moment towards individual gifts. It has to be something special, something that sets the company apart from the competition. A portable Bluetooth speaker or a multifunctional flashlight with emergency hammer that can save lives – people want to show that they have put thought into finding the perfect promotional gift.”

Some ADLER employees can be seen sitting at their desks wearing personalised sneakers. This is a demonstration of how well received customised gifts can be internally within the company too. “Providing staff with branded products has become very popular. It is also proven to boost team spirit and the sense of belonging,” says Spang. “Everyone loves to see their own name on products. The cutting-edge equipment in our processing plants in Germany allow us to personalise items individually. Our job is to share our expertise and to inspire our customers with ideas about how they can stand out from the crowd with individual gifts at affordable prices – and thereby leave a positive and long-lasting impression on their customers.” This sets ADLER apart from the competition in the advertising media market, which often does not offer the same level of advice and expertise.

Good to know

The effectiveness of promotional gifts has been scientifically researched and is based on the principle of reciprocity. We all know that feeling: you receive an unexpected gift and, even if it’s only subconsciously, you feel the need to give something back. This sense of gratitude could be expressed in a number of ways: recipients might recommend your company to others, come back to you and your services the next time, or become your loyal customer forever.

According to one study by the German Promotional Product Association (GWW), around €3.5 billion was spent on promotional gifts in Germany last year. Only TV advertising has a higher total – online, print, radio and outdoor advertising are all behind promotional gifts in this regard. 91% of Germans over the age of 14 own a promotional gift and 93% of these recipients actually use the gifts.


A great many businesspeople underestimate the power of promotional gifts and that is entirely unjustified. The money spent on gifts is later more than recouped through the profits generated by them. The use of advertising products is a very profitable investment that will also establish an emotional bond between your company and its customers, staff and business partners.

Reference: Impact Study of Promotional Products 2017 (German Promotional Product Association, GWW); Promotional Product Monitor 2016 (German Promotional Product Association, GWW)


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