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The psychology of business gifts – why creating customer loyalty through elegant pens works

The use of business gifts remains a popular and valuable marketing tool. But why is this the case? When used in a strategically sensible way, what effects do business gifts have on the psyche? ADLER provides answers …

The psychology of customer loyalty

A small start-up has to consider carefully in which marketing tools to invest its tightly calculated budget. When planning the next marketing campaigns, sooner or later the question arises as to whether or no traditional promotional items have any benefit and if a campaign based around such items is worth the expenditure. We can answer categorically: yes, it is! When used properly, promotional items can positively influence the thoughts and actions of potential new customers and existing customers alike. Especially in today’s relatively fast-paced world, it is important for you as a business to establish long-term customer loyalty. When using promotional items, customer loyalty and the acquisition of new customers often go hand in hand. If a customer receives a gift, this appeals to their emotions and gives them pleasure – after all, everyone likes to receive a gift. The reward centre in the brain is stimulated and creates a pleasant high. The customer will always associate these emotions with the respective company, and will in turn always directly associate your likeable business with a product, topic or service in future. For this reason, the customer will also be happy to recommend your business when asked about it or when the opportunity arises.

The effect of promotional items on the psyche

In order to make customers loyal to the company in the long term, marketing experts utilise various effects:

  • Long-term effect: With the long-term effect, marketing experts achieve permanent loyalty between a customer and your company. Creating this effect is the supreme discipline and a key marketing objective, albeit one that is difficult to achieve. The customer must be pleased with the business gift, see a practical use in it and immediately know in their mind how they can use it in their daily lives. The item must also please them even if they don’t know the company or have no interest in it.
  • Endowment effect: The endowment effect states that a person values an object more if it belongs to them. Therefore, if you gift a customer an item, it passes into their possession and therefore automatically increases in value in their eyes. A positive side-effect of this is that the company that provided the gift is seen in equally positive terms.
  • Carpenter effect: If a promotional item is useful in everyday life and if the advertising message is simultaneously visible on the item, then – according to the Carpenter effect – the advertising message remains prominent and can become embedded in the customer’s subconscious. In future, this can positively influence many purchasing decisions, among other things. A handy business gift that is useful in everyday life and with which you can put the Carpenter effect to excellent use is the ballpoint pen – a popular give-away item with a big impact. Through daily use, the information presented on the promotional item is always before the customer’s eyes and can create brand awareness.
  • The qualities of a good promotional item

    You are now familiar with the psychological effects of a promotional item. This effect is not singular, but can be repeated on a daily basis – whenever the customer uses your business gift. You should always be aware of this insight and pay attention to outstanding quality when selecting a promotional item appropriate to your target group. That’s because the recipient will be annoyed if your gift breaks after just a few days’ use. The result: they will immediately associate this annoyance with your company, which would be counter-productive. After all, the point is for the customer to use their business gift over an extended period of time and think of you and your company with satisfaction each time. For this reason, you should invest only in premium products of outstanding quality. We at ADLER Business Gifts can guarantee you this quality, as our promotional items meet the highest standards.

    Photo: © Fotolia.com/denisismagilov


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