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Why pens are everyone’s favourite advertising medium

10th June is Ballpoint Pen Day, celebrating one of today’s best loved promotional items. Although we can’t imagine a day without them now, not all that long ago pens were not a common sight. Find out below how the pen was invented and how it has become the most important business gift of our time.

Ladislao José Biro invented the ballpoint pen

We can trace the history of the ballpoint pen all the way back to Hungarian inventor Ladislao José Biro, formerly László Józef Biró. He first patented the ballpoint pen in Hungary on 25th April 1938. After fleeing the Nazis he went to France and finally settled in Argentina, where his birthday, 29th September, is the National Day of the Inventor. Biro’s invention was afforded further protection in Buenos Aires on 10th June 1942, which is why that date has been Ballpoint Pen Day ever since.

It is said that Biro first got his inspiration for the rollerball whilst working at the printing works of the “Elöre” weekly newspaper. The inventor aimed to develop a tube with a rotating ball and ink where the ink would not dry out in the tube, but would dry in seconds once on paper. Together with his brother György, as well as the inventor Andor Goy and the Kovalszky brothers, Biro successfully developed his new writing device with a ball: the ballpoint pen was born. Even today, the inventor’s name is unforgettable. We still call that handy every day item a Biro!

Pens as a business gift: why we love them so

Pens are a much-loved writing device, which are often used as a marketing tool. They can bear an individual advertising imprint, such as a company logo, an advertising slogan or another advertising message. Companies provide pen refills or use exclusive gift packaging for business partners, colleagues and loyal customers.

There are many advantages to using pens as a business gift:

  • Practically everyone uses a pen at work and in their private lives.
  • Their broad target group means that pens can be used as give-away items at trade fairs and other professional events.
  • Pens can be personalised with a logo or slogan for example.
  • They are perfect when combined with other office supplies, such as notebooks.
  • Providing refills means that the pen can be used for even longer, guaranteeing a big advertising impact.

Thanks to their status as an almost universal everyday item, pens can help you speak to a very wide audience and draw attention to your products and services in an effective way.

The advantages of pens in professional and private life

Pens have numerous practical features for many people. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • They’re quick and easy to use and always close at hand.
  • They make note-taking a breeze and the ink doesn’t smudge.
  • Add-ons can be used to make them multi-purpose, such as a clasp for attaching the pen to other items or a torch to help you see in the dark.
  • Thanks to refills they can easily be used for a long time to come.
  • Their compact shape means that pens can go wherever you go, making them a faithful travel companion.

Personalising pens – how it works

All business gift pens can be personalised, simply add your request when ordering at our online shop. There are various print options available to you for your company logo or slogan to appear on the business gift.

Getting the pens printed is simple:

1. Select the pen you want from our shop.

2. Choose the ink colour.

3. Choose the quantity you wish to purchase, noting the volume discounts.

4. Input your personalisation text or upload your company logo.

5. Place your order and soon you can be using engraved pens for your advertising.

Summary: pens are the ideal advertising medium and give the best writing experience

With their practical and long-lasting design, it’s no surprise that ballpoint pens have their own day dedicated to them. On 10th June we are celebrating the best-loved business gift, one which is all too often taken for granted. Take a look at our online shop now and design a personalised pen with an advertising message that meets the needs of your customers, business partners and colleagues.


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