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Work From Home Essentials Every Office Needs

With remote working becoming more common, providing your employees with home office essentials can help improve morale, productivity, and motivation. Show your employees they’re important to you, no matter where they’re working from, with Adler’s list of home office essentials that every workspace needs.

1. A Reliable Pen

All too often, you find yourself needing a pen and either you don’t have one or the one you have on your desk doesn’t work. A reliable pen is an essential item every home office should have. Buying branded pens for your employees not only provides them with an important piece of stationery, but it also reminds them of where they work and the project they are part of.

2. A Notebook

Often overlooked, a notebook is a work from home essential your employees will be grateful for if they need to jot down a phone number or reminder. This may be something they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves but will be a welcomed gift when they realise how often they use it. You can buy branded notebooks to add a professional edge to your gift for employees. For a notebook with special features to help you and your employees stay organised, why not try the Honnings Note & Flag Set? This notebook includes a durable vinyl cover, sticky notes for reminders and 5 different neon markers for notes. These smart designs can be personalised with your company logo and branding.

3. Branded Clothing

Promotional apparel not only helps promote your brand, but it also helps lift team spirit and makes your employees feel part of the team. This is important at company events when a lasting impression counts, but with summer and winter clothing available in our range they can also make a great gift for employees working from home. Our branded clothing comes in simple, stylish designs like this Fruit of the Loom polo shirt. Buy your employees gifts they will love, with added promotional value for your business.

4. A Calendar or Diary

A calendar or diary is useful for employees who like to make notes of their working week. For those who work remotely, you’re not surrounded by reminders of what jobs need doing that week, and a calendar or diary can be a way of staying organised and keeping on top of your workload. Buying your employees a calendar, pocket diary or monthly planner is a practical gift that will show them you want to support them in any way you can.

5. A Personalised Mug

In the office, employees may have a choice of company mugs to choose from for their tea and coffee, but those who are remote working won’t have this luxury. A personalised mug is another positive reminder for employees who work remotely that they are a valued part of the business. If your employees work remotely because they are required to travel regularly, a travel mug or tumbler is an equally kind gesture.

6. A Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important, but without a water bottle handy we can easily forget. Save your employees from incessant trips to the kitchen with a new water bottle with your company logo, helping them minimise interruptions when working from home. Your employees will also likely use these water bottles while they’re travelling to and from the office or out exercising, promoting your brand.

7. Headphones

Most offices are filled with all the tech employees need to get their job done. For those who work remotely, many are expected to buy their own headphones should they need them. Personalised headphones are useful home office equipment for employees who must balance virtual meetings with family life. Buying employees a pair of headphones is a gesture that will be greatly appreciated by your remote workers.

8. A Portable Charger

Speaking of tech, with a computer, monitor and keyboard being the standard for workplaces in the UK, home offices require plenty of free plug sockets to function. A portable charger are useful home office equipment for employees who must balance virtual meetings with family life. Buying employees a pair of headphones is a gesture that will be greatly appreciated by your remote workers.

9. Speaker

Listening to music helps many people stay focused and get through a busy day at work. Speakers can be the perfect gift to help your employees complete their home office setup. A small Bluetooth speaker that will fit on their desk at home and play their favourite music will go a long way when it comes to improving job satisfaction and letting your employees know you recognise the great work they are doing.

10. A USB Flash Drive

A USB flash drive is a work from home essential for employees who spend a lot of time going between the office and home. It will allow them to easily transfer their work from the office to their workspace at home and provides additional storage if their tech at home doesn’t have the space. A personalised USB flash drive is great for brand identification and a useful piece of home office equipment for your remote working employees.

11. Plants

Although it might not be as practical as a pen or a printer, it’s important that your workspace is a nice environment where you feel happy and productive. Buying green plants improves air quality, helps reduce stress and makes a home office more pleasant. It is a thoughtful gift, and one that will be greatly appreciated by your employees who work from home. With our list of work from home essentials, you could make a big difference to your employee’s home office. Ensuring employees can remain as motivated and productive at home as they are in the office will benefit your business in the long run and buying something from our website will show them that you value all the hard work that they do.


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