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5 advertising giveaways no trade show should be without

There are advertising giveaways which are simply indispensable at trade shows and should therefore be ordered in large quantities in advance. Traditional giveaways are perfect for raising awareness of the company among trade show visitors, and extraordinary ideas can also inspire people to purchase from you or use your services after the event.

What makes giveaways at trade shows so special

The giveaways used at trade shows of all kinds are a little different from normal gifts as they need to fulfil different criteria. So you need to take the following into consideration when selecting suitable giveaways for trade shows:

  • Is the giveaway manageable? Can visitors carry it around all day? A handy carrier bag can be a good solution here.
  • Does the gift attract attention? It is a good fit for the trade show and does it appeal to the target market?
  • Can you give away something with added value which the visitor can continue to use after the trade show?

If you have thought about these things, it will be easy to find the right giveaway for your company. We can help you select the ideal gift, with five clever advertising ideas for your trade show.

1. Small, but brilliant: USB sticks as an advertising giveaway at trade shows

You cannot go wrong with a USB stick. They are easy to carry and can be used by your potential new customers after the trade show. This guarantees you will get lots of attention, whether you opt for a USB stick with a swivelling metal casing, a USB card or a USB wristband.

2. Handy keyrings are very popular at exhibitions

Keyrings can be used in a wide range of situations and are therefore popular among trade show visitors. The best option is to combine the keyring with a different function, such as an LED torch, a trolley token, a tool or a bottle opener.

3. Lighters can be used straight away during breaks from the trade show

Lighters are one of the most popular giveaways at trade shows. Visitors can use them on their cigarette breaks and non-smokers can use them at home to light candles, for example. With your logo printed on it, the lighter is a constant reminder of your company and its associated products.

4. Diaries as a trade show gift for the organisational whizzes

Diaries are a popular sight at trade shows of all kinds. If they are small and have handy additional functions, such as built in post-it notes, then they can be used every day by visitors to the trade show. This means they create genuine added value and are not forgotten.

5. Traditional pens as giveaways in lots of colours

No show should be without these traditional gifts: ballpoint pens They are easy to distribute and use as promotional gifts. They can be used at the trade show itself to take notes and can carry on being used afterwards. They are perfect to order in large numbers as different colour ballpoint pens are very popular.

Larger giveaways at shows – ideally with a carrier bag

If you decide to give away larger items or multiple items at once, you should provide a handy carrier bag which you can have printed with your own design. This means your customers and business partners can keep all their giveaways together and do not have to worry about how best to carry them around the show. There is also the fact that printed bags attract attention and can possibly attract other visitors to your stand.

Foto: © Shutterstock.com/SFIO CRACHO


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