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Original giveaways for trade fairs and events

Trade fairs and events are known to be a key communication platform in marketing. There is hardly a better opportunity to tell potential customers and business partners about your company on such a scale, and to capitalise on lucrative synergies as a result. Giveaways and promotional articles for trade fairs and events are particularly effective. With suitable promotional items, business partners and potential customers will remember you and your company for a long time to come.

What makes trade fairs and events worth it for you?

Trade fairs are where you establish new contacts, cultivate old business relationships, and introduce customers to your products and services. Customers love seeing products up close, and getting to know the people behind the company. In face-to-face conversations it’s possible to address customers and potential business partners directly and individually. That helps establish, cultivate and strengthen the personal relationship, which can lead to immediate purchases or to the conclusion of contracts.

Some products can be presented creatively at trade fairs. After all, it’s good to stand out at such events! If you don’t, you might find it hard to compete against other companies, even if your products or services are better and/or cheaper. Using this approach, smaller companies and start-ups, capitalising on a modern presence, are also increasingly gaining in popularity. Trade fairs and events also represent a good opportunity to observe and analyse your rivals. If you like what you see, it could even lead to collaborations that benefit both companies.

Finding suitable giveaways for trade fairs and events

The promotional items you choose should not only be suitable for trade fairs and events – they should also guarantee a longer-term advertising effect. Sweets, for example, will lure plenty of customers to your stand, but not many of those will keep hold of the packaging featuring your company logo. Potential customers are therefore unlikely to remember your company. That’s why it’s better to focus mainly on long-lasting products. After all, a high-quality promotional item that offers customers real added value over a long period of time will leave a lasting impression. In addition to outstanding quality and maximum user value, originality and unusual designs are also appreciated in promotional gifts. Furthermore, there should be a connection between the product and the promotional item. Hand towels or drinking caps make little sense at an IT trade fair relating to marketing services, but would be perfect as a promotional gift at a fitness or sporting event.

We guarantee your customers will love these promotional gifts

Have you booked a stand at a promising trade fair? Or are you organising a professional event for customers, business partners or staff? Choose the most suitable ADLER promotional item carefully because not all gifts will be appropriate for your target group. However, you can’t go wrong with these classics: pens, umbrellas, notebooks, glasses cleaning cloth, USB sticks and sticky notes. You can, of course, have all our products printed or engraved to your specifications. From the huge range of possible giveaways, some items are particularly suitable for use at trade fairs and events. The following items round off a good trade fair stand perfectly:

  • Tote bags and paper bags: Trade fair visitors are inundated with catalogues and brochures. To ensure that these are easy to take home and don’t land in the bin around the corner, you should present informational material in a tote bag or paper bag. Printed with your logo, these will also raise your company’s profile among other trade fair visitors.
  • Pens: Pens are very useful at trade fairs. Forms are filled out, contact details exchanged and extensive notes made. Visitors to your trade fair stand will be delighted if you provide suitable writing instruments. Make targeted use of pens as a giveaway item. If you choose an elegant model engraved with your name or logo, it will help to create a professional trade fair appearance – and will delight recipients for a long time to come.
  • Lanyards: Lanyards are another inherent part of trade fairs and other events. Visitors can attach their entry tickets to them, and employees or hosts can show that they work for your company by displaying their trade fair ID on the lanyard.
  • Sweets and promotional drinks: A day at a trade fair can be strenuous even for visitors, so cold drinks or some nourishment for the nerves will always be welcome. Water, energy drinks or soft drinks in a bottle with your logo are always gratefully received. Sweets in a bowl for people to help themselves from, or a small appetiser in the form of an energy bar or a bonbon tin is always nice after a successful sales talk, and they leave a positive impression. As mentioned above, however, foods and drinks will be quickly consumed so should only be used as an additional giveaway at trade fairs and events, and always in combination with other products that will be used over a longer timeframe.


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